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Empties #3


It’s really is true what they say – everything happens at once. As soon as you get settled into a skincare routine you love or have perfected your daily makeup, everything runs out on you. Such is life! This does mean however that I have a rather jam packed empties post to share with you today =)

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel – This gel based cleanser has quickly replaced my impressive stash of Micellar Waters and has become the only thing I use to remove my makeup before I cleanse.?I’ve found this works better at removing my makeup, my skin doesn’t feel stripped afterwards and also I can finally park my long hunt for the perfect Micellar Water. Since ditching them my skin has become clearer and the overall quality has vastly improved.

Verdict – will repurchase!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold – I mentioned this product in a post recently which featured skincare products that have had the biggest impact on my skin (you can read the post here). This is one of them and it’s a stand out product to me from the past year. Used three times a week in the evening this helps to keep blemishes as bay whilst leaving my skin looking radiant and brighter.

Verdict – already repurchased!

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser*?- This cleanser is divine! I’ve been using this in tandem with the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel for my ‘second cleanse’ and the combination of the two has made my skin cleaner, clearer and happier. *touch wood* I haven’t had any blemishes or problematic skin since using them both. This feels light once applied and I like to massage it over my face before removing it with a flannel.

Verdict – would repurchase

Urban Decay De Slick Makeup Setting Spray – I never thought these setting sprays made that much difference but since picking up this I have well and truly been proven wrong. Whether it’s heat, humidity or just oily skin, this helps to keep my makeup in place throughout the day. I was worried this spray may cause my skin to breakout or become congested but I’ve had no reactions, just longer lasting makeup!

Verdict – already repurchased (in the full size bottle!)

Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil – Oh this eyebrow pencil is divine but why must it have run out so quickly =( Unfortunately daily use has meant this pencil has already bitten the bullet but it shows how much I do adore it. This gives you the ability to create perfect brows and definition without going OTT. With a brush at the bottom it is eyebrow perfection.

Verdict – want to repurchase but might try a cheaper alternative first

Philip Kingsley One More Day* – Move over Batiste as there is a new dry shampoo in town! Yes unfortunately this bottle didn’t last the longest time in the World however it does make a huge difference to my hair. Compared to Batiste it doesn’t leave behind much product build up nor does it make my hair feel dry and frizzy. It saves me through greasy hair days and adds volume at the roots to prevent flatness. My only gripe is the price as I use dry shampoo so darn often.

Verdict – will repurchase but save for special?occassions

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Room Spritzing with Neom

Neom Refresh Organic Room Mist – £16*

I am well and truly aboard the?Neom band wagon and I am loving it. The latest offering that has been tickling?my?taste buds?is their?Organic Room Mist?in the fragrance?Refresh. Containing the lovely combination of Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil a few spritzes of this instantly revitalises a room. Personally room sprays have always been a bit hit and miss for me, the general offerings such as Fabreze I find to be rather rubbish. The scent disperses really quickly and I find I?whiz?through a bottle like there is no tomorrow. Luckily this Neom mist is packed full of a gorgeous?fragrance?that lingers around your room.

Whether as a gift or a little treat for yourself, these room mists really are lovely. Not a fan of what is inside this bottle? They also have Real Luxury,?Tranquility?and Complete Bliss in the range that contains?ingredients?from Lavender, Jasmine and Moroccan Blush Rose. There really is something for everyone!?Encased in a frosted glass bottle this looks the part and oozes luxury without?completely?breaking the bank. It also retains it’s fragrance if you spray it near something it can cling to (such as carpet or cushions) so your room smells gorgeous for hours afterwards.

Have you tried a Room Mist from Neom before? What do you think of luxury room sprays?

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Super Saturday #6

Fear not you haven’t?stumbled?across the wrong blog and no I am not making the foray into animal blogging ;) Instead this weeks edition of?Super Saturday is dedicated to those fuzzy animals shown above. That’s right – this weeks super thing is the countryside (and the cute animals you find in it). I know, I know last week there I was raving about the city and how much the country confuses me but give me a weekend and everything changes – especially when there are piglets involved!

Last weekend I spent a couple of nights in the?Cotswolds?near a town called Cirencester. All around was some serious countryside, I’m talking grass, fields, farms the works. Usually I get a bit restless when out of the city but there is something to be said for the?peacefulness?you get in the country. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, wind down and spend quality time with friends. There are also not many other places in the world where you are able to be surrounded by vast fields, silence and stars at night.

In this 21st Century it can be hard to find a moment to take a break. I know I find it impossible as I am the kind of person that hates being bored and having nothing to do. Recently I have started daily blogging, oh yeah seven days a week every week and considering this is not my job, I am not a full time blogger and I have a full time job, I am pretty proud of it. I love blogging and it always gives me something to keep busy with, but take that and add a job and an attempt at a social life into the mix, it can sometimes get quite consuming. Being strong and making yourself take a time out makes the world of difference and I’ve found really helps me to keep a float.

So next time someone invites you to the countryside, you pass a friendly pig or you find yourself surrounded by a vast landscape of fields, take a moment, step back and just breath =)

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My Week In Pictures #139


Back in school and University you had a glorious thing called summer holidays – if you are currently on one make the most of it because one day soon they will be taken away from you. Full time work takes you out of the mind-frame of ‘term time’ and instead throws you straight into working everyday. At first this prospect daunted me and I wasn’t sure how I would cope but on those good weeks it’s not actually that bad. A work full of friends and jam packed weekends makes the World of difference but treasuring those moments you can just laugh with friends without a care or worry is something rather magical.

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP:?The necessities when packing for a weekend in the Country | Church in Circencester | Petting Farm!! | Literally can not have enough pictures of piglets | Standard Country behaviour – shoot off! | Picture my mum sent me of Lola being incredibly vain

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Skin Perfecting with Becca

Becca Skin Perfector in Moonstone – £33

Embracing light and dewy skin has led me to this little wonder. I’m not sure of it’s?availability?anymore since Becca?was discontinued in Europe, but it is?widely available in the States and I picked this up in Sephora. It has hovered around on my wish list for longer then I can remember and when on holiday I spied this on one of the counters and couldn’t resist. In a nutshell this is a water based moisturiser that contains an SPF of 25. What makes it so special is the fact that inside are bundles of light-diffusing shimmer particles that gives your skin an instant boost of radiance. Not only that it also masks over any imperfections which aids in achieving flawless looking skin.

Available in four different shades I opted for?Moonstone which is the pale gold offering. As this product is like a highlighter/primer/moisturiser all rolled into one it can be a bit baffling working out when is best to use it. I’ve found that using it alone or mixed in with my primer or my foundation works best, this then works the product all over the skin to leave it looking?radiant.

Understandably this isn’t the cheapest item to add into your daily makeup routine and even though you get a pretty massive bottle I save it more for special occasions or when I am out for an event. I do find however that it makes a real difference to my skin and finish of my makeup. Coming from a combination skinned gal this doesn’t make my face look greasy or overly dewy in the summer, it just adds an extra oomph that shines through.

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The Edit: Smart Toners


Pai Rice Plant & Rosemary Bioaffinity Toner* | REN Tonic Moisture Mist* | Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist*

If you missed out on the bulletin or didn’t receive the memo – toners have changed. Long gone are the days where toners would be used to remove the last traces of makeup, instead those times are saved for your second cleanse allowing toners to ramp up the pace and become more important within your skincare routine. Like everything in life it is never that simple and there isn’t one toner to do the trick. What’s recommended is a combination of a exfoliating toner followed by a hydrating one to ensure that your skin is kept plump and revitalised.?I save my hydrating toners for use just in the mornings and although there are a lot out on the market, these three have established themselves as being winners in my book.

The Flight Friendly Toner – The REN Tonic Moisturiser Mist was my long haul flight BFF. It is rose scented and packed full of Hyaluronic Acid that revives and hydrates the skin. All housed inside a dinky little glass bottle that is very travel friendly, I took this toner in my hand-luggage on a long haul flight and spritzed away to prevent my skin from getting dehydrated. In terms of daily use this worked for me fine but I found I got the most out of it when bundled inside a jumbo jet.

The Luxury Toner – This Pai Bioaffinity Toner is near the top of the luxury scale when it comes to hydrating toners. It contains glycerin for the hydrating element so is perfect to use after an exfoliating toner to restore the balance of your skin. It also contains Rice Plant and Rosemary which makes it perfect for people with more sensitive skin due to the calming properties. More of a jump up the price bracket but a great luxury addition.

The Everyday Toner – When it comes to using a toner every morning to get my skin ready for moisture and to wake me up for the rest of the day, this is my favourite. The Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist contains rose (funnily enough!) and surprisingly marshmallow to sooth and hydrate the skin. Although I am not a massive rose fan this smells lovely in the morning and I don’t find it to be too overpowering. Second on the ingredients list is alcohol which can always be a worry but so far I haven’t had any negative reactions.

Do you use a hydrating toner in your skincare routine? What is your favourite?

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Pai Skincare

Rice Plant & Rosemary Bioaffinity Toner – £30* | Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil – £20*

Pre blog post warning – everyone please touch a piece of wood before reading on. Have I lost it? Me? Quite possibly, but these are the lengths I am going to as to not jinx anything. You see recently my skin has been amazing (there I said it!) No breakouts, no dry patches, no overly oily areas during the scorching heat, it has just been smooth sailing. I think this is the longest time my skin has behaved for, don’t get me wrong it has it’s off days where it looks a bit dull and lacklustre but on the most part it has been blemish free. Let’s just say my currently skincare is working wonders and these two new additions from?Pai have been part of this glowing report.

Pai are skincare company that are tailored for those with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. All their products are free of alcohol and any irritating chemicals, also everything is organic. Not just that they list all their ingredients online so you know exactly what you are getting inside every bottle. Previously the only thing I had tried from the brand is their Bergamot Orange Organic Lip Balm, skincare was a completely new ball game. To dip my toe into the Pai ocean I gave their?Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil a try.

After becoming an oil addict and raving over the Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil* (which I think is starting to head towards HG status) it was time to give another a go. This oil contains the much hyped Rosehip Oil?similar to the Trilogy offering and helps to refine the skin whilst blurring away any imperfections or fine lines. This is apparently the most concentrated Rosehip Oil on the market and is an orange liquid that I massage into my skin. I find this heavier then the Aurelia Oil but the rich formula works deep into the skin to help reduce scarring and improve overall appearance. I have also used this on any other areas of scaring and it works a treat.

The second item that has been in rotation is the?Rice Plant Toner which I spritz in the morning after using an exfoliating toner such as the?Pixi Glow Tonic. This isn’t a hydrating toner which is recommended for use after such a toner, however it does help to calm and rebalance the skin. It is vitamin rich and contains properties that helps to cleanse and purify the skin. I haven’t noticed the biggest difference since using this, maybe I was expecting more for the price tag, but if you are prone to blemishes or need a calming addition in the mornings this does the trick.

Have you tried anything from Pai before? What are your thoughts on the brand?

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July Favourites


Well hello new month – fancy seeing you creeping around the corner again. Luckily for once we’ve had a pretty darn good summer and even after this bout of rain there is apparently sun reappearing on the horizon. It makes such a difference having great weather in the UK and everyone is instantly happy and makes the most of the long warm evenings. This heatwave has resulted in me binning the makeup (ha as if!) and focusing more on non fuss items.

Rituals Happy Budda Shower Foam* – I can’t seem to get enough of this stuff. From the fun shaving foam like lather to it’s delectable scent this is a winner across the board. It leaves my skin super smooth whilst also filling my bathroom with a gorgeous aroma.

Neom Real Luxury Organic Body Oil* – Oh boy is this oil luxury in a bottle! From it’s glass container, luxe white outer box and divine fragrance this body oil oozes class and sophistication. It has the lovely combination of lavender, jasmine and Brazailan rosewood that not only smells incredible, it also leaves my skin silky smooth. This compared with the Ritual Shower Foam means that even at the end of the day my legs have a slight sheen to them and are still as soft as they were straight after application.

Eyeko Brow Gel* – Never before have I thought about using an brow gel or realised how much of a difference a tinted one would make. Either used in conjunction with my?Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil?or alone this helps to define my brows whilst setting them in place. The slight tint adds drama after using a pencil or alone gives a soft hint of colour. It also helps to make my brows appear slightly thicker and fuller.

Phytovolume Actifc Spray – Hello volume in a bottle! This heat activated spray gives me intense lift and makes my follicles thick and plump. Without feeling heavy or creating a crisp finish, this works?seamlessly?into my hair to leave behind a whole lotta volume. So much so I think it is starting to make it’s way to the top spot of my fav volume sprays.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dry Touch Gel-Cream SPF 50* – Before getting this cream I was a bad person and forgo the daily SPF application. I was a fool who thought all SPF’s were thick and sticky and that I didn’t need to pop one on each day. How wrong I was especially when our BFF the sun came out to play throughout almost all of July. This is an SPF game changer as it so super light on the skin, doesn’t leave a white cast and has converted me into a daily SPF wearer.

Philip Kingsley One More Day* – Although I am a lover of?Batiste Can in Lace sometimes it’s nice to dabble in the more higher end brands to see how they fair up in comparison. This new release from Philip Kingsley is pretty darn amazing and it’s doesn’t leave a white cast on your hair or feel super heavy after spritzing?it all over. It instantly removes any greasy areas and gives you that just washed look without leaving your hair look like a 60s birds nest. If only I didn’t go through cans of dry shampoo so quickly!

Have you liked any of these products the past month? What have been your stand out items?

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Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection – £32*

Warning – todays blog post is luxury overload. I am talking full on indulgence, next level bliss and complete delight. The item that is causing this moment of extravagance is these?Bath & Shower Oils from?Aromatherapy Associates. I’ve heard these products mentioned quite a bit before but figured they were just an expensive oil that looked nice but wasn’t anything to write home about. That was until I took a relaxing bath with a few drops of one of these magic oils. I say magic as it feels like as soon as the oil hits the water in the bath, the room around you is transformed into a tranquil spa (if only my bathroom looked like one!)

Inside this set are nine 3ml bottles that provides you with a completely luxurious shower or bath, even just lifting the lid of the box makes the gorgeous aromas start to fill the room. Within the Bath & Shower Oil Collection you get two oils from the?Relax?range, two oils from the?De-Stress range, two oils from the?Revive range and three oils from the?Support?range. Thanks to a lack of a shower head in my bathroom in Bournemouth, baths are a staple for me. This means these oils get used a lot and I love how each fragrance really suits their purpose.

This nine mini bottle set makes the perfect gift for someone special or even if you are traveling and know there may be a bath around for you to relax in. The set comes beautifully packaged and you really only need the smallest amount to transform a mundane bath.

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Heat Styling with L’Oreal

L’Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Volume – £5.99

When it comes to heat protection I am a bit of a?floozy. I apologise tresses and I put my hands up and admit that I do not use heat protection like I should. I wouldn’t call myself a heat addict as the only time it is used is when I blow dry my hair. Straighteners, curling wands and styling devices are rarely put to use and even though I turn to my hairdryer minimum twice a week, I have found my hair to be in pretty good condition (considering it is coloured as well!) Luckily for me and all us volume loving gals out there, L’Oreal have a heat protection that not only provides the protection, it also helps to give you oomph and volume at the roots.

Inside this bottle the ingredients are enriched with a heat-protect technology that leaves your hair shiny and soft. It also helps to create volume and lock out flyaways all whilst holding your style in place for up to three days. Understandably with any budget beauty buy the quality of the ingredients can be questionable, mass produced items is usually when silicons?like to sneak in. That being said I don’t find this coats my hair nor does it leaves any residue or product build up.

In terms of within my haircare routine I use this last on damp hair after applying a host of styling products. I spritz?it evenly throughout the lengths of my hair with a bit of final focus on the roots. I give a final comb through and then turn my attention towards the hairdryer. I haven’t noticed the biggest difference since using this, however it does help to provide a bit of extra oomph whilst protecting my tresses.

Have you tried this product before? What are your favourite heat protectors?

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Room Spritzing with Neom

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The Edit: Smart Toners

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My Week In Pictures #139

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Heat Styling with L’Oreal

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